EastonJane History

Mark, Sally & Easton Torres
In 1883, Sally's Great-Great Grandparents William & Louisa Gardiner homesteaded in North Bend, Washington.  The family property, lovingly know as "The Ranch" (pictured below in the early 1900's) has been home to Dairy cattle, Fruit orchards, Local Snoqualmie Valley Elk, Deer, Bear, Bobcats and from 2008 - 2017 it's was the home to our herd of Texas Longhorn Cattle & Saanen Goats.  

In 2017 Sally, Mark and their daughter Easton relocated to Columbia Falls, Montana.  We had to downsize our herd significantly and were able to sell many of our cattle at Longhorn cattle auctions and private sales as our new property was much smaller.  We currently have 9 Longhorns and 3 Oberhasli Goats.

Our lives have taken us in many directions and we look forward to every turn.  We've learned from every experience and every person we've encountered, and hope to pass these experiences along to our daughter and those we meet along the way!  Life gets busy, but we do our best to do right by ourselves, our families and friends, our community, our environment and all the creatures we encounter.

At EastonJane, we take things a bit further than most.  When we harvest our animals, we use as much of the animal as possible.  The meat provides tasty meals for many families, the horns become beautiful jewelry/accessories, or skull mounts and the hides are tanned and used in our products, in our booth at craft/art shows or sold.  Very little goes to waste.  EastonJane takes great pride in our farming practices and we hope you get to enjoy a piece of Longhorn Legacy.

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